Saturday, September 29, 2012

  I am an Avid Unicyclist. Back home I would ride whenever I had the chance. Most people think the Unicycle is a strange form of transportation but when I was younger for some reason I just wanted to have a unicycle! So for months before Christmas I kept bugging my mom about getting a unicycle. Well lucky for me I have amazing parents who got me a unicycle for Christmas. It took a few weeks to be able to ride it just the the end of our walkway, but I never gave up and eventually, months later, I had learned to ride the Unicycle!
   Now, only having one wheel beneath you makes it much harder and being able to have two or even three wheels makes things so much easier! One of peoples biggest fears in life is tipping over! So imagine if you had this many wheels to help support you and hold you up.

  This is how our lives are sometimes. We base our life on one wheel, or one point of doctrine. Most churches have truth to them, but they don't contain the Fullness of the everlasting gospel. Thats where the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes in. When we follow the footsteps of Christ we can gain many wheels that will help support and hold us upright. I know that as we try to keep learning we can gain that foundation that we need to stay upright and keep on rolling. 


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